Initiative Text

Federal popular initiative
«Living in dignity – for an affordable
unconditional Basic Income»

The Federal Constitution shall be amended as follows: 

Art. 110a Unconditional Basic Income 

1 The Confederation shall guarantee an unconditional Basic Income to people resident in Switzerland. This shall enable a dignified existence within families and society, participation in public life and commitment to the common good.

2 The Basic Income shall be structured in such a way that it contributes to the maintenance and further development of the social security system.

3 The law shall regulate the amount of the Basic Income and how it will be paid.

4 It shall also regulate the financing of the Basic Income. All sectors of the national economy shall contribute to the financing on a solidarity basis, based on their earnings. In particular, the financial sector and technology companies shall be taxed appropriately and the pressure on paid work shall be reduced. 

Art. 197 para. 13
Transitional provisions on Art. 110a (unconditional Basic Income)

1 The Federal Assembly shall enact the implementing provisions for Article 110a no later than five years after its adoption by the People and the Cantons.

2 The Act shall regulate the coordination of the unconditional Basic Income with the benefits of the existing social insurance schemes and any adjustments to these benefits.

3  It determines the extent to which an unconditional Basic Income may be paid to persons not resident in Switzerland.

4 In order to ensure financing through revenues from all sectors of the national economy, the Confederation shall tax appropriately in particular: 

a. the transactions of the financial sector

b. the revenues of technology companies; and  

c. the income from capital.

5 For this purpose, the Confederation shall disclose the total sum of the income of natural persons and the total sum of the profits of legal persons.

6 The Swiss National Bank shall publish information on all cashless payment transactions, including giro transfers, interbank payments, intrabank payments and payments via new technologies. 


English is not an official language of the Swiss Confederation. This translation is provided for information purposes only and has no legal force. This translation is provided by the Committee. The French and Italian versions are translated by the Federal Chancellery.